January 27, 2018
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Having trouble deciding whether to put a larger size tire on your Wrangler? Ryan, from Extremeterrain.com, discusses the pros and cons between having your standard stock tire versus a larger tire on your Wrangler in the YouTube Video, “Jeep Wrangler 33 vs 35 vs 37 Inch – How To Select The Best Tires.” In the video, Ryan discusses the difference between four types of tires and then finishes by showing how two of the tires perform during simple off-roading. Your solution is whether you will mostly be riding your Wrangler all-terrain or for off-roading.

The first tire that Ryan highlights is a stock 31” tire from a JK. It is a Bridgestone Dueler AT, 255/70R18=32×10.5”, all-terrain tire tread, with an 18” wheel size. This is a factory wheel that has more backspacing and is tucked closer to the jeep. This type of all-terrain tire will have very little noise, good tire wear, a smaller side wall, better handling, and a less squishy feel. The next wheel is a Nitto Terra Grappler G2, 305/70R17=33X12.5”, all-terrain tire tread with a 17×9” Mammoth Type 88 wheel. This type of tire is taller, but it has a smaller wheel. It has a little more side wall than the previous tire with a little squishier feel. It is not as firm, but it has additional side wall pressure. While off-roading you can air down the tire a little without risking losing any beading, which also gives it a bigger footprint for more traction.

The last two tires are larger and used for off-roading. However, both tires require a gear adjustment, which can be expensive. The first tire is the Nitto Trail Grappler MT, 305/75R17=35X12” mud-terrain tire tread with a Mammoth Boulder Beadlock 17×9” wheel. This type of tire has big knobby treads that wear down faster, create more noise on the road, and feel sluggish if you do not regear. However, it has good traction off-road, rolls over obstacles easier, and it has an even larger foot-print when you air it down. The final and largest tire that Ryan highlights is the Nitto Trail Grappler MT, 318/80R17=37×12.5” mud-terrain tire tread with a 17×9” Mammoth D Window Black Steel Wheel. This is the largest tire you can select for your jeep without having to cut into the body of the tire. It is geared towards the Wrangler lovers that use the Wrangler only for off-roading. It has less resistance when rolling over large obstacles, a huge footprint when you air-down the tire, and it is a big heavy wheel.

Is bigger always better? Well, it depends on where you plan to drive your Wrangler. Ryan makes it easy to understand the difference and best use for each tire. For additional modification and improvements for off-roading, please check out our article about Ryan’s Extremeterrain.com video on different lifts for your Wrangler. How do you like to ride your Wrangler and which tire will you choose?

**Standard measurements are used in this video and article**

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