January 27, 2018
Posted by: Wrangler Zone Administrator

Are you having trouble deciding on what lift kit is the best for your JK? Ryan, from Extreme Terrain, has come up with an easy solution to your decision, your tire size. In his video, “Jeep Wrangler JK Leveling Kit vs 2.5″ vs 3.5″ vs 4″ – How to Select The Best Jeep Lift Kit,” Ryan walks you through the benefits of each lift solution and he explains how to match your tire size to the lift.

In the video, he discusses the four lift kit solutions; the Teraflex leveling kit without shocks, the Rough Country 2.5 inch suspension Lift with shocks, the JKS JSpec 3.5 inch JKontrol lift kit, and, of course, the Teraflex 4 inch suspension lift with flex arms, but without shocks.

Why does size matter? It’s simple, if you put a tire that is too large on a lower lift you are going to have up travel issues and potentially cause damage to your jeep. However, if you go too small, well, they just look funny. The Teraflex leveling kit is great for stock, 31 inch, or 32 inch tires and it is fairly inexpensive. This makes it an easy decision if you are on a budget, but want just a little bit of lift and a better ride. The Rough Country 2.5 inch is a good option for 33 inch tires and also suitable for the budget buyer. Now, if you are really looking for a great lift and you are not as concerned about the cost, one these next two options may be a better choice. The JKS JSpec 3.5” JKontrol lift kit fits perfectly with 35 inch tires and has everything you need in the kit. It provides a smoother ride, high quality parts, but with a higher price tag. The last kit that Ryan highlights is the Teraflex 4” lift kit with flex arms, but without shocks. If you are looking to have 37 inch tires on your Wrangler JK you will definitely want to look at this kit. It is at a more expensive price point and be prepared to also drop some additional cash for shocks (not included in the kit), as well as, additional work that will need done for this kit.

Ryan gives us a simple solution to what is often a challenging decision for some Wrangler Lovers. Now that you know how to select the right lift for your jeep, which one will you purchase?

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