January 25, 2018
Posted by: Wrangler Zone Administrator

How would you like to install three modifications to your Wrangler quickly and with only four tools?  You heard me right, you won’t need to have a garage full of tools or even a garage, for that matter.  Jason Lewis demonstrates this in his YouTube video, “3 Easy Upgrades for the Jeep Wrangler Anyone Can Do!” Jason, a self-proclaimed car enthusiast, does a great job explaining the three modifications, the tools required, and the step-by-step process to install these extremely cool Wrangler mods.

Just what are these super cool mods?  As you know, the rear seat is somewhat uncomfortable and doesn’t recline, which leads us to the first modification, the rear recline add-on. Although, this is probably the most difficult mod to install, it’s also probably the most gratifying because it makes the backseat comfortable and more usable. Another issue that Wrangler Lovers deal with is that we bump our heads on the grab bars when we get into our jeeps. The remedy to this is simple, adding these grab bars into the car. This will eliminate the awkwardly placed stock grab bars and helps prevent us from grabbing the wheel as leverage. Last, but not least, the Anzo LED black tail lights add a unique look and style that personalizes our Wranglers.  Easy to install, creates a cool vibe to the look of the Wrangler, and it’s a reasonable price. The best part is that we only need a 6mm Allen wrench, 10mm Allen wrench, Phillips screw driver, 3/8” socket in order to install these three mods, in less than two hours.

Although we love Jeep Wranglers, isn’t it awesome that we are able to modify them, as much as we want, to fit our own personality and needs. It seems that there are always new ways to make the Wrangler truly our own. In the video, Lewis does a great job demonstrating and going through the steps of installing the backseat add-on, grab bar and tail light modifications. With a lot of options out there, including these, how would you modify your Wrangler?


  • Bumpers are the easiest way to upgrade your Jeep wrangler, because even a novice modifier/welder can handle the task if they get the right parts from the right suppliers.
    I always suggest to get a simple DIY bumper like the ones from (https://diyoffroadproducts.com/)
    since they’re already made from 3/16″ thick hot rolled steel and are pre-formed to correct angles, ready for welding and grinding. I mean, it can be built in just a few hours.

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