January 21, 2018
Posted by: Wrangler Zone Administrator

Get excited, Wrangler Lovers, because Jeep has redesigned its beloved Wrangler for the first time in ten years. Doug Demuro, a car enthusiast who spends his days reviewing vehicles, describes the new perks, additions, and changes in his YouTube video, “Here’s Why the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Is Much Better Than the Old One.” Granted, Demuro admits that he loves sports and performance cars he is definitely excited about the new features and updates that Jeep has designed in the 2018 Wrangler.

Let’s start with the exterior options, the 2018 model has new options to their tops, headlights, and trims. The three different top options include one like the most recent tops, but it now has a soft top without zippers, which makes it easier for removal. However, the new optional powered top removes at the push of the button which gets the rider that much faster to the open jeep feel. The headlights also come in two options, the standard Halogen and LED. All models have LED running lights in the fender and turn signals, but the optional LED headlights have a circle LED around them. Finally, your three trim options include the standard, Sport; luxury, Sahara; and off-roading, Rubicon. The Rubicon includes a partially removable bumper and higher fenders to make room for larger tires. It also has built-in auxiliary switches and a differential lock. Standard to all new Wranglers is the rubber hood handles that also function as the windshield wiper jets and prevents scratching when the windshield is down.

The new features across all trims include blind spot monitors and plastic air vents by the fenders, which helps eliminate air under the hood and improves the drive. Additional new exterior features include an adjustable third brake light and backup camera. However, the one most impressive feature, or lack thereof, is the missing Jeep logo on the grill. Frankly, this is something we, at Wrangler Zone, love because we think that the grill is the feature that defines the Wrangler brand.

Jeep did not stop with the exterior features when trying to impress Wrangler lovers. The new interior features include a tool kit with instructions that help with the Wrangler transformations that people love. They even thought of a place to put the screws and bolts that are removed with the new tool kit. Other new features include pack storage on the inside of the tailgate, an optional nine speaker stereo with a waterproof subwoofer, an upgraded infotainment system with a drag and drop system that is always visible for easy access and transition, and more. Of course, there are still the fun “Easter Eggs” that Jeep likes to hide in their Wranglers.

One of the reasons why there has only been four Wrangler designs in thirty years is that Jeep takes its time considering the driver and the driver’s experience. There is no need to continually redo something that works and we, at Wrangler Zone, think that Jeep has outdone themselves with the new perks in the 2018 Wrangler. have kept the traditional look, but added features that make for an awesome and smooth ride. Doug does a great job illustrating and discussing the new and old features of our beloved Wrangler.  I hope you are as excited as we are to try out the 2018 Wrangler and all the new perks Jeep has designed for its Wrangler Lovers.

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